Saturday, February 24, 2007

Children's Book Illustrations Part 1

This is going to be a post of some books that I had as a kid. These are wonderful illustrations from Walt Disney's books on tape. Wonderfully illustrated books by Disney artists who unfortunately are unanimous within the book but I am sure that some of these illustrations were drawn by artists like Mary Blair, Dick Kelsey, Burny Mattinson, and others.(Eventually I hope to have posts about those artists) For more information on the topics I would highly recommend John K.(creator of dog and cat duo Ren and Stimpy, there will be a special dedicated post on him later) all kinds of stuff look under the previous posts under November 2006. John explains things better than I do since I have not created a huge success in the animation field,... yet. Hopefully there will be more posts in a row about this sort of material spanning from part one to four. It could be longer. Just for fun I will also post a picture of my own work and in the comments see if you can guess what the picture is.

Mystery Picture:Who is it?


Arschblog said...

The old drawings are full of love and life! I miss the old Disney artwork! Today they produce only Computer shit!XP

Mystery picture, Answer: You?

Tom said...

Unfortunately it is not me but I will give you a hint. The hint is the person is an actor that gets his face changed every so many seasons. Hopefully that doesn't give it away.

Anonymous said...

Doctor Who. That is the Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker.

Tom said...

That's correct sir! The fourth doctor in the Doctor Who series Tom Baker.