Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Haven't Posted For A While....I Am Sorry

I never thought that posting things on the interweb could be so time consuming! Then again everything is in one way or the other. My purpose for this blog was to get me into animating, drawing, and learning about art. I think I just need some help is all with how I am going to keep up with this thing. I try not to write articles that other animation web sites talk about but I think I am going to have to break that rule once in a while. I am sure that I have mentioned the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog before but I will say it again you have to check it out! If I were in Los Angles I would definitely visit the animation archive in Burbank. There are some cool videos that are posted on the animation archive and an interview with Eldon Dedini a comic illustrator that is famous for his Playboy strips with "Satyr & Nymph". I will be posting some of that stuff and old advertisements that are nicely illustrated. I apologize in advance for not asking the blog owners if I could use them for my blog. Forgive and forget I suppose.


Piotr said...

eldon's style is great and funny too

Stephen Worth said...

Rather than linking the pictures to big versions that duplicate the content on the ASIFA site, link them to the original posts so people can see the rest of the images.

The links to these two stories are...

Kent Donates Colliers

Eldon Dedini's Satyrs and Nyphs


Tom said...

Thanks for the tip Stephen! I still need to get used to blogging and internet terms. I will definitely consider this in the future.