Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Had A Bad Day....Again....

True story that actually happened to me today. I was going to go to school in S.F., Frisco, San Fran, you know San Fransisco when after the only class of the day I have to take the elevator down. Being the smart cookie I think I am I figure the stairs are much faster and even suggest it to a young lovely blond on the way to the stairs. Getting to school I have to wake up at 5AM drive to Millbrae and take the BART to the Civic Center. Going through the door I find that this is a very old designed staircase. CLICK! SLAM! I am trapped... not the good kind the kind that a normal person with bad constitution would faint. Thinking fast I try to pull out some Macgyver training skills. Using my cell phone I dial into action...Beep...Boop...Eink...Trying to call someone to answer my plea. To make a long story short I got out OK but am pissed at the engineer who made the fire escape very much. If I have time I will try to post pics of the dangerous adventure the best I can. Until next time folks keep reading!

If you are wondering about the images they were found on the net.

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