Friday, March 9, 2007

These Are Some Of My Sketches

Sorry folks for the wait but I am not sure that I can keep up with the demands of day to day life with this blog. I will though do my best to post at least once a week. To prove that I am an artist here are some sketches that I made watching some horror movies. These particular doodles were made from the following movies; Dead Men Walk (1943) starring George Zucco, The Mad Monster (1942) starring George Zucco and Glen Strange, The Giant Gila Monster (1959) starring Don Sullivan, and The Fatal Hour(1940) starring Boris Karloff(the same actor that played the Mummy in the classic black and white Universal Studios Production). The life drawings were from a life drawing class that was $3 every Wednesday at Cogswell College. I was always interested in using white and black charcoal on a tan paper to see how it looks. It turned out OK but I think the scans do little justice to how I see the originals. By the way check out there is an article about a Russian animation director called Fyodor Khitruk that worked on a Russian Winnie the Pooh and it is spectacular! If Woolie Reitherman (One of Disney's Nine Old Men) said that it was better than his you better believe it. There is a video of it posted so check it out yourself, you don't have to take my word for it.


Vicki said...

Great work.

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