Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Treasure Hunt At The Library

I was going to a local library when I found a very peculiar looking book entitled Walt Disney and Other Assorted Characters: An Unauthorized Account of the Early Years as Disney's by Jack Kinney. The cover at the time made me nervous but once I started reading and flipping through the book itself I was transported to another place where the mouse had not become a big giant at the animation game. It was so hard to put done the book with the great illustrations done by Jack Kinney himself. Who is Jack Kinney you ask? Well he was a native Utahan who joined Disney on Feb. 9,1931 worked his way up to be a story man and eventually director. Some of his screen credits include The Brave Little Tailor (1938), Dumbo (1940), Der Fuehrer's Face (1943), Motormania (1950), The Lonesome Chipmunks (1954) and others as well. From 1958-1960s he has worked in his own animation company Jack Kinney Productions working on some cartoons like the 60s version of Popeye and The New Three Stooges(1965). He died at 82 of natural causes four years after writing the book I am showing you. After reading the book you will think highly of Jack Kinney. There is a caricature of himself can you find it?


David Nethery said...

It's a great book. I keep going back to it from time to time to relive the great stories of those Hyperion Days and the funny cartoon illustrations.

Tom said...

Wow! Your blog is awesome! It is such a treasure to find cool blogs like yours. Are the rabbit illustrations your?