Friday, April 13, 2007

Look What I Found Blogging!

There are many links on the side of my blog that are linked to many talented individuals with which I have great admirations for one such individual is the amazing story spinner Eddie Fitzgerald. You might know him as one of the many talented story men on the Ren and Stimpy series also I believe that he made a short by the name of Paranoid Worm or something to that effect. Sorry if I screwed that one up Uncle Eddie. His vast knowledge on the topic of art is most commendable not to mention a great read. In his latest post he has posted some pictures to use for as reference. The one posted looks in a way like me. I could be streching it but hey that's what animators do right? Here is a link to Uncle Eddie's blog

I highly doubt that you will ever see a photograph of me on this site since I don't like pictures much. I think drawing speak louder than words. And no I am not grotesque like this:


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