Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Long time since I had a home that is. Had a lot of friends that were close by come over. That was yesterday though is when I had the celebration. Birthday's usually get screwed up for me and that is what I did today and yesterday. For some reason I seem to kill the mood of the party. It might have to do with my personality and too much Dos Equis with Smirnoff. Ooopss!! You didn't hear that from me. The spirit of giving is a good thing so here are some cool pictures for everyone to enjoy:

Here is something that I have been meaning to give to my main group of inspirationers:
The colors themselves look better on the paper and I will try to work on a better version. Let's see in the comments if you know who is who.


Piotr said...

happy birthday TOM! STO LAT!

Tom said...

Thanks man you always have my back.